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INTRODUCTION- Assalamu Alaikum and welcome to the BICC Weekend School. This handbook has been prepared for students and parents with the intent of providing information about the rules and regulations that govern the school activities. These rules/regulations (responsibilities) were formulated and defined by the school committee for the purpose of achieving our mutual goals as parents, students, and committee; and to lay a strong foundation for our school in the years to come. Please spend a few minutes to read this handbook completely. Each year, the school committee updates and revises the handbook.
The education of our children is a cooperative effort involving the students, school and parents. Informed and concerned parents make fine partners in the educational process. The school committee, staff, and parents must work together and support each other’s efforts.
The BICC School Committee is responsible for developing the policies, rules, and curriculum according to which the school activities are carried out. Additionally, the committee also processes registration and organizes extra-curricular activities. The principal and teachers are primarily responsible for providing high quality education based on the policies, rules and curriculum developed by the committee.
While every effort will be made to keep parents informed, parental initiative to know and keep track of their children's program and progress is key to the process of Islamic education. This handbook provides parents an opportunity to become more informed and aware of our school's programs and regulations.
Parents who have any comments or constructive suggestions regarding any school activity should contact the School Committee or leave a note at the Center.
SCHOOL COMMITTEE & STUDENT DECORUM- Students at BICC will find that if they behave as responsible Muslims, they will be treated with respect. This self-imposed discipline is to everyone's benefit and helps create a pleasant school atmosphere. However, there must be certain fundamental regulations. These are in accord with the guidelines of Islam. They are not designed to inhibit or restrict students but to assist the orderly function of the school so that everyone can go about the primary task of getting a good Islamic education. Students are expected to follow these regulations:
    1. Coming on time every time to the school, dressed and groomed in accordance with the Islamic Laws of Cleanliness and Dress.
    2. Being prepared for class by arriving with the intention and attitude to learn as well as the necessary items needed for class including homework notebooks, writing implements, textbooks, completed homework assignments, etc.
    3. Observing the accepted Islamic Rules for behavior in dealing with the teachers, school officials, parents, non-Muslims and fellow students. Special attention should be paid to proper Islamic behavior between the sexes.
   4. Cooperating with school personnel by listening and obeying instructions in order to maintain a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the school.
   5. Assuming full responsibility for erroneous acts or bad behavior and accepting disciplinary action when applied.
   6. Smoking, buying & selling, carrying or use of illegal substances as well as materials such as radios, tape-players, electronic games, weapons and similar items are prohibited in the school. Should such items be found in the school the Principal / School Committee will withhold them until a decision on disciplinary action is taken.
Parents are expected to accept the following responsibilities for their children in accordance with Islamic guidelines:
   1. Pay all tuition fees required by the school for the students’ enrollment in the school. 
   2. Send students to school on time in the proper state of health; clean, well groomed and dressed in accordance with the Islamic Dress code.
   3. Encourage positive attitudes toward learning by making sure that children come prepared to the class with appropriate materials such as writing implements, notebook, textbook, completed homework assignments etc.
   4. Cooperate with school personnel in efforts to maintain and improve student attitudes, behavior and learning habits, as well as motivation and enthusiasm for excellence, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and acceptance of the challenges of responsibilities.
   5. Assume full responsibility for damage to school property, including financial responsibility for repair or replacement of property.
   6. Encourage through word and deed Islamic Character both in and out of the classroom.
   7. Actively support the programs and activities of the BICC Weekend School.
The BICC Weekend School relies on various means of communicating with parents and students.
PTA Meetings- Parents and students are encouraged to seek individual meetings with teachers and/or the Principal. Appointments may be arranged by contacting the Principal. The School Committee will hold at least one PTA meeting with the parents to update them on the school activities and to solicit feedback and suggestions for improving the school.
Absence Policy- Absence from the school jeopardizes the ability of the student to satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of study. The interruption of the instructional process caused by frequent and/or repeated absence or lateness is a major concern to all involved. It is in this light that the following attendance regulations are put forward:
  1. In the case of absence from the school for any particular time period, students will be required upon return to the school to provide the Principal with a note explaining the reason of absence signed by his/her Parent or Guardian. The note should be legible and include (a) full name of student, (b) date(s) of absence, (c) reason, (d) signature of parent.
   2. Failure by the student to provide the Principal with a note explaining his/her absence beyond a two school day period will cause the student to receive a cut notice and his/her Parent's to be informed. Accumulation of 3 cut notices will result in immediate suspension from the school pending review by the School Principal as to further courses of action which may include indefinite expulsion from the school.
   3. A total of 3 absences (whether Excused or not) per semester is considered acceptable. Any student exceeding this amount may be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Students are required to make up all work that they missed during the course of their absence.
Lateness Policy- The parent/guardian’s cooperation is sought in ensuring that the students arrive on time. Since the teachers get less than 3 hours with the children each week for instruction, it is very important that they lose no time in the first period due to students’ late arrival and the resulting disruption.
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to see that his/her child is on time for school. This means that the student should be in the classroom promptly by the scheduled start time. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the classroom until the first period is over, since this will cause disruption to the class in progress. Arriving late more than 4 times a semester will result in disciplinary action.
Unless an emergency takes place, i.e. family emergency, injuries to a student and similar cases, students are not permitted to leave the school premises while it is in session. If the student has to leave the school premises in such an event, the parent/guardian should inform the teacher and the Principal.
In addition to those items listed above, the following conduct on the part of a student shall constitute immediate grounds for suspension:
- Continued or willful disobedience;
- Open defiance of any teacher or person in authority;
- Actions that constitute an immediate or continuing danger to the physical well being of others;
- Physical assault on another student (fighting);
- Taking or attempting to take personal property or money from another student by force or intimidation;
- Willfully causing, or attempting to cause substantial damage to school property (vandalism);
- Use, possession or sale of alcohol or any other controlled substance (including smoking);
- Possession of a weapon or other item, which could be used to cause personal injury (including fireworks).
The exact intensity and duration of the disciplinary action taken against a particular student is to be decided on a case by case basis by the Principal, under advisement of concerned parties, but subject to the final approval of the School Committee in case of expulsion from the school.
The accepted norms of Islamic Behavior and Modesty will be expected of all individuals associated with the school. These include students, teachers, parents and administration. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.
Dress in accordance with Islamic Guidelines will be required of all those participating in the school (mentioned above). Specifically, the males will be required to wear clean shirts and long pants that are loose fitting and opaque. The outfit should not be adorned with pictures of animals or human beings in any form or display profane language. This particularly pertains to Musical band and celebrity shirts. The females will be required to wear loose fitting, opaque clothing that only reveals the hands and face (covering everything else including the hair). In addition, they should not wear clothing with the images detailed above.
All teachers and assistant teachers shall follow these guidelines in dealing with students who misbehave and /or make a disturbance in the classroom:
  1. The teacher shall ask the misbehaving child to stop engaging in the offending behavior. Although the teacher can speak firmly with the student, he/she shall not shout, or use abusive language, or behave in an un-Islamic manner.
  2. If the student continues the bad behavior, the teacher shall seek the help of the Principal who may take the student out of the class and deal with him/her separately so as not to disturb the class in progress. If the Principal is not available, the teacher may ask a BICC Weekend School Committee member or the parents of the misbehaving child.
  3. At no time should the teacher use any physical force on any student. Islamic teachings should be used as the guiding principle in dealing with all people.
If a parent or student has a grievance, he/she may take the following successive route of appeal to correct it:
Teacher  -  Principal  -  School Committee
All major grievances should be detailed in writing to appropriate parties

The Monthly Quiz Competition will be conducted in class, and all students are required to participate. This will allow the school to monitor students’ progress and also assess their overall participation in classroom activities. Result of the quiz will be a part of the final exams and parents are strongly encourages to make sure student are ready for the quiz at all times.
The school will administer at least one exam at the end of a semester. The final result will recorded in the student semester report cards to be given to parents. The will allow for continues evaluation of the student progress by parents.        
The purpose of BICC Weekend School is to provide children basic Islamic knowledge and etiquette along with an environment that enhances Islamic awareness. It also gives students the opportunity to socialize with other Muslim children. Ultimately our goal is to enlighten and foster in our children their own identity as practicing Muslims in order to become a strong member of our society. 
Code of Conduct for Kids
·         I will be responsible for my own actions
·         I will be respectful of myself, my teachers and peers.
·         I will come prepared to class with all required books and stationary.
·         I will be punctual to school and to every class.
·         I will do my best to uphold Islamic values (i.e. honesty, respect, humility)
·         I will participate in Zuhr prayers. 
Dress Code:  
It is mandatory for all students to follow the dress code. If not followed on continued basis, students will be suspended.
·         Pants should be long enough to at least cover the knees.
·         No tight or fitted pants or shirts
·         Shirts should fall below hips.
·         A scarf must be worn at all times that covers the entire head and hair.
·         No tight or fitted pants or shirts.
·         Shirts should fall below the hips.
·         Full sleeve shirts.
·         Full length pants or jeans or skirts.